The project: THE IDEA

Bolgheri has been nothing short of a dream come true: a dream of establishing roots in a world-famous area producing wines that capture the imagination of a cosmopolitan clientele. Our was, in reality, a journey undertaken in stages, where the exchange of ideas slowly gave way to sensations, curiosity, learning and a sense of wonder until, finally, a solid, concrete project emerged: Poggio al Tesoro. The exceptional value and quality of the area, together with our expertise and experience, has transformed Poggio al Tesoro into a reality: we produce wines with a distinctive personality, expressing power and complexity as well as elegance and depth. After just a few years and a great deal of hard work, Poggio al Tesoro is now a thriving 70 hectare (173 acre) Estate in prime Bolgheri wine-making territory.

In memory of WALTER

Poggio al Tesoro owes a great deal to the far-sightedness of Walter Allegrini, the wine-maker from Valpolicella who loved Bolgheri and was Allegrini’s enthusiastic forerunner in Tuscany.

Walter had always been personally involved in the viticultural aspects of the family business, and he intuitively grasped the importance of a territory whose special characteristics could be further experimented with and enhanced. When the time came to purchase the parcels of land that would constitute the current

Estate, he chose plots near the sea as well as others near the hills, aiming with considerable far-sightedness at a diversification in terroirs as well as grape varieties.


Once we arrived in Bolgheri, making decisions was no easy task.

But we held dear to what has always defined and inspired us as wine-makers: a quest for uniqueness. And we found this uniqueness in four parcels of land that are typical of the area but which, together, express and reveal its singular nature, becoming an original ‘exemplification’ of the same great terroir. Consisting of some 70 hectares (173 acres), Poggio al Tesoro is located in an area protected to the east by the hills of Castagneto Carducci and is covered with the typical Mediterranean vegetation of cork-oaks, bearberry shrubs and umbrella and cluster pine trees. One of the first tasks undertaken at Poggio al Tesoro was a preliminary study of the Estate’s soil types and climate so that only the grape varieties that were particularly suited to the specific pedoclimatic conditions would be planted in the appropriate sites. The Estate currently has four vineyards: two situated along the Via Bolgherese, the largest one in a hamlet called Le Sondraie in close proximity to the sea and the fourth in the Municipality of Bibbona.

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